Bed of Roses – CBD Infused Bath Bomb


Bed of Roses is one of our most luxurious bath bombs and exclusive to our natural line. Topped with dried rose petals and scented with pure rose essential oil. This infused bath bomb will help relieve your muscle pain and soothe your skin.


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How it Works:
We have an endocannabinoid system, and in our skin are CB1 and CB2 Nerve receptors, which the cannabinoids, in the cannabis/hemp plant attach to. They send a signal to the brain, to quiet the pain. DMSO is a topical application used for pain relief and sports injuries, and it also makes the cannabis molecule break down to a smaller size, therefore penetrating deeper into the dermal layers of the skin.

Soften and soothe your skin, uplift and refresh your senses, ease the pain and let it go with this incredible medicated bath bomb with DMSO! This is fantastic for psoriasis too!!


1 x Bath Bomb contain approx 100mg THC/ 50mg CBD.

Bath bombs are sold individually.




Canna Beauty

buy bath bombs online at bud beaver canada


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